Company History

The physician Dr. Ronald G. Bugglin from Zurich suffered from the aggressive disinfectants that were available on the market. His hands suffered so much, that the skin responded with inflammation. He decided - initially only for his own use - to produce an advanced product. This should effectively fight germs, bacteria and viruses, however, protect also sensitive skin.

The resulting scented gel he successfully used in his practice, also appealed to his patients. His patients were so convinced, that the increasing demand led to the founding of the Helvetic Medical AG.

Since that time, the nurturing hand sanitizer is available in Switzerland and other selected countries.

Since 2011, Helvetic Medical AG has the exclusive worldwide distribution license for the ESSENTIAL HAIR products for the treatment of hair loss in men and women. The patented active ingredient of the ESSENTIAL HAIR range, STPL2, is a nature-identical, synthetic peptide library with a high, clinically proven efficacy.