Silkmed FAQ

How effective is Silkmed Hand Sanitizer against swine flu?

Hand disinfection is the most important measure against infection. Silkmed can therefore prevent an infection, because when applied correctly, bacteria, fungi and viruses on treated hands are eliminated up to 99.999%.

What should I consider, when using Silkmed regularly?

Silkmed Hand Sanitizer is a clinical disinfectant. It has a high ethanol content. Generally, ethanol causes dry skin. Silkmed prevents this, due to the additional nurturing ingredients like chamomile, hazelnut flower and rose extract.

How long should I leave Silkmed on my hands?

Silkmed works instantly. You can assume that after 30 seconds exposure time, there are no known pathogenic germs left on the surface of your hands.

How long does a treatment with the Silkmed hand sanitizer provide safety?

When treating hands with Silkmed, all germs present are eliminated. Bacteria, fungi and viruses that get in contact with the hands after the treatment, are not eliminated. Therefore, a repeated application is recommended when you have touched potentially contaminated surfaces.